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Riddle Compliance

Supply Chain Compliance Consulting

ensure an effective compliance program by leverage our third-party compliance due diligence services and solutions across different industries

Having comprehensive risk-based supply chain procedures is essential in today’s regulatory environment. Organizations have to worry about international, national, and industry requirements within their marketplace. Companies sell products and services with unique attributes and guarantees. To foster consistency, ongoing evaluation of procurement procedures and the performance of suppliers is critical. Ensuring your suppliers adhere to company standards as well as compliance mandates is a massive undertaking. This is especially true if your organization has a large network of vendors. Riddle Compliance develops customized solutions for clients to manage their specific risks across the supply chain. Our services include handling regulatory compliance matters as well as ensuring third parties’ adherence to companywide protocols and quality standards.

developing an effective supply chain compliance program

Understanding your company’s core product or service is the initial step in building an effective supply chain compliance program. Although this may appear simple at first glance, the essence of a company’s product or service is complex and involves a host of business relationships, regulatory compliance matters, quality control considerations, industry best practices, and other company-specific concerns and standards that must be addressed before a client or consumer receives said product or service. Riddle Compliance puts together unique teams of professionals to address organizations’ risks across the supply chain.

vendor onboarding, procurement, and pre-qualification services

Whether your organization calls its contractors business partners, vendors, subcontractors, consultants, or any combination of similar naming conventions; third parties must be evaluated before facilitating critical business processes and handling sensitive data on behalf of your company. Our clients come to us to assist with the development of pragmatic solutions to manage third parties through fair and reasonable vetting initiatives.

vendor management and due diligence

Many companies outsource major business functions to produce their product or service. These relationships, which are often necessary to meet strategic goals and development, pose performance and delivery risks. Our vendor management programs are comprehensive and include everything from periodic onsite compliance reviews, surveys, risk assessments, governance evaluations, review of supplier contracts, internal controls, and policies; and a host of other proactive practices to mitigate supply-chain risks.

onsite third-party assessments and surveys

Third-party management and supply chain monitoring must be proactive and practical. Riddle Compliance believes in utilizing technology along with in-person assessment tools to properly gather information about a client’s supply chain. Companies looking to evaluate third parties in real time through a series of site visits, interviews with control persons, and third-party surveys come to Riddle Compliance to perform these tasks. Our experts can formulate a robust supply chain compliance program to assess your organization’s pertinent third parties by visiting warehouses and manufacturing plants, performing targeted assessments for intelligence, conducting reviews on sub-subcontractors, and facilitating other hands-on initiatives to add depth to supply chain monitoring.

supplier integrity monitoring

We use numerous tools, databases, and compliance practices to review suppliers’ conduct against applicable regulations and corporate standards. Our integrity monitoring solutions are unique and comprehensive to ensure identification of pertinent supplier misconduct and/or corruption. Monitoring can be conducted randomly, periodically, or in response to a specific incident or report.