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Outsourced Internal Audit Services

outsourced compliance internal audit services and solutions to improve your compliance controls, processes and related systems

With a plethora of subject-matter experts, legal and compliance practitioners, and a host of other professionals, our outsourced and co-sourced solutions are perfect for companies that desire a cost-effective internal audit function to comply with regulatory requirements, to identify gaps in controls, policies and procedures, and to enhance company practices internally and within the organization’s supply chain and third-party management program.

staff interviews to gather pertinent information

Interviewing departmental staff and supervisors is a critical part of internal auditing and information gathering. Our outsourced internal auditors create comprehensive questionnaires, employ evidence inquires, and conduct dynamic interviews to ensure a deep understanding of operations and errors over the course of the internal review process.

surveys and sampling for fact gathering

Surveying various business segments and performing sampling reviews are two tools used to uncover trends. Our clients require in-depth surveying and sampling of processes, controls, ledgers, and other operational accounts relevant to their businesses and industries. Surveys and sampling are used in conjunction with staff interviews and other audit tools

policy review and development to enhance operations and compliance procedures

Riddle Compliance examines policies and procedures to assess regulatory gaps, clarity, digestibility, and the feasibility of monitoring, training, and other review processes against underlying policies and procedures. Conduct, workplace trends, and incident reports are also reviewed against written policies to assess compliance and to identify deficiencies.

remediation planning to support your compliance program

Internal auditing is a discovery and a remediation tool. Our outsourced and co-sourced solutions enable organizations to focus on growth and development. Each audit we facilitate is delivered with clear findings, a remediation plan, and guidance for organizations to use in strategic planning and to improve compliance with regulations and best practices.

outsourced internal audit consulting services

  • Fully managed risk-based internal audit program
  • Develop internal audit policies and procedures
  • Conduct remote interviews, surveys, and sampling methodologies
  • Communicate with audit committees and regulators as needed
  • Create periodic audit reports for executives and shareholders
  • Deploy impartial audit practices by a team of legal and compliance practitioners, subject-matter experts, and industry professionals

co-sourced internal audit support for growing organizations

  • Partially outsourced risk-based internal audit program
  • Assist with the development and/or maintenance of internal audit protocols
  • Liaise and support in-house staff in executing internal audit procedures
  • Assist in-house staff with surveying, strategic planning, and remediation plans
  • Draft reports in conjunction with in-house audit and compliance committees
  • Share internal audit responsibilities and support in-house staff with regulatory concerns, external questionnaires, and similar matters

communication and consistency to support your compliance program and risk mitigation efforts

Clients benefit from our outsourced internal audit solutions for various reasons, including but not limited to impartiality, cost-effectiveness, and expertise. Notwithstanding these benefits, all clients benefit from a dedicated point of contact who communicates with internal staff regularly at predetermined times. This ensures the viability of the internal audit program and mutual trust.

All business segments are reviewed thoroughly. We conduct interviews and surveys as well as sampling initiatives to gather pertinent information. This information is then assessed against best business practices, growth trajectories, regulatory trends, and industry standards to drive operational efficiency.

Our clients have different risk tolerances for a myriad of reasons. Risk mitigation is often prioritized after a company has gained sizable marketshare. With increased exposure and revenue, growing companies begin to internalize inherent risks within their respective industries. Although organizations tend to be reactive, our outsourced internal auditing services assist growing companies in building risk-based initiatives throughout their foundational stages. Our risk assessments are effective tools in measuring risk exposure without undermining growth and business development.

Riddle Compliance drafts and enhances corporate policies and procedures as part of its fully outsourced internal auditing solutions. Organizations must be thoroughly assessed and controls formally devised prior to deploying an internal audit program to ensure effectiveness.

Riddle Compliance’s experience across industries and with different companies enables us to bring learned lessons from previous regulatory challenges to enhance your organization’s internal audit practices with pragmatic expertise.