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Fractional & Outsourced Compliance Staffing Services

fractional compliance staffing to support your internal CCO, growing company, or other operational need

Our Outsourced Compliance Support (OCS) solution is designed to mirror the level of attention an in-house compliance team would offer a Chief Compliance Officer. Our OCS solution is for companies that already employ a CCO or staff attorneys, or for organizations that require development of a simple compliance or integrity program to enhance current operations. Harnessing our compliance consulting services is a great way for companies to stay abreast of their respective regulatory environment while growing and increasing revenue on a solidly-built foundation with compliance and risk mitigation at the forefront.

weekly meetings with dedication compliance staff to ensure compliance

A dedicated point-of-contact will facilitate weekly meetings with in-house staff to review deliverables against strategic plans, relevant compliance deadlines, and other scheduled initiatives. Our goal is to partner with in-house compliance and legal professionals regularly to foster a true supportive relationship with current objectives and operations. Engagement and consistent communication are key aspects of our outsourced compliance solutions. 

audit support from experience compliance analysts and support staff

Many of our clients are routinely audited by local, state, and federal regulators. These matters are time consuming and require extensive support and resources. Riddle Compliance’s outsourced compliance support empower organizations to focus on other aspects of compliance. We effectively liaise with regulators, staff, vendors, and other stakeholders. We ensure all audit concerns are managed prudently and in alignment with the compliance program and goals.

policies and procedures drafted with expertise by compliance specialists

Assessing policies and procedures against regulatory trends is paramount, and we ensure our clients maintain policies and procedures with the latest insights and best business practices. Policies and procedures are updated with in-house audit findings and other recommendations from our subject-matter experts. Policies are important tools and corporate standards we can actively monitor and audit against incident reports and recurring company conduct.

compliance monitoring, internal audit, and surveillance services

Monitoring initiatives can take various forms. These can include company-specific compliance projects, vendor management, and other due diligence practices depending on a company’s risk profile and industry. Our outsourced compliance support enhances current monitoring initiatives. All monitoring activities are tracked and reported to in-house compliance and audit committees, CCOs and relevant executives as part of routine communication with the company.

fractional compliance management and support for growing organizations

  • Partially managed compliance program
  • Support CCO and other in-house staff with compliance tasks
  • Provide compliance support across various regulatory landscapes
  • Liaise with regulators and auditors as needed
  • Conduct reviews and risk assessments
  • Support day-today governance, risk, and compliance initiatives

custom compliance solutions to meet your company’s specific needs

  • Compliance solutions to fit an organization’s needs
  • Fixed monthly pricing to ensure alignment with budget constraints
  • Tailored solutions to fit company’s risk profile and tolerances
  • Enduring partnership mirroring in-house support and expertise
  • Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance guidance
  • Designed to complement long-term growth strategies

maximizing resources and compliance program effectiveness

Clients entrust our expertise and rely on our professionals to ensure compliance with regulations and best practices. Riddle Compliance enhances in-house processes by assisting with day-to-day activities, audits, and other routine compliance considerations.

end-to-end support to ensure compliance program maturity

Riddle Compliance offers an Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO) solution in conjunction with Outsourced Compliance Support (OCS) to provide growing companies with end-to-end compliance consulting advisory. This approach enables companies to partner with one firm for all their governance, risk, and compliance needs.

independence and impartiality by regulatory compliance experts

Our dedicated compliance staff offers unparalleled independence. Executives, shareholders, audit and compliance committees, and the company at large benefit from impartial compliance advisory.