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Riddle Compliance
Riddle Compliance

Outsourced & Fractional CCO Services

comprehensive outsourced & fractional CCO services for companies requiring strategic guidance

Companies without a Chief Compliance Officer are in jeopardy of hefty fines and other reprimands by regulatory agencies. Our outsourced CCO services are for growing institutions without a Chief Compliance Officer. Clients receive dedicated CCO services from a team of compliance professionals with a designated point of contact for all regulatory audits, investigations, monitoring initiatives, and for long-term strategic planning. Our outsourced CCO team aligns governance, risk, and compliance practices with your organization’s corporate culture, growth and development goals, and marketplace trends to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. All initiatives are devised to foster clear outcomes with trackable results for improved company behavior and overarching alignment with applicable regulations.

regulatory reviews

Riddle Compliance supports companies requiring a dedicated CCO to manage regulatory audits on a routine basis. Regulated organizations without the resources to hire a full-time CCO are required to comply with complex mandates. Our outsourced CCO services help companies satisfy compliance demands and other reporting requirements.

internal investigations

Having an independent and competent compliance officer to evaluate suspicious conduct is necessary in building a functional compliance program. Each of our clients receives a dedicated CCO to facilitate comprehensive workplace, both internal and external, investigations to identify noncompliance, corrupt practices, bribery, fraud, and other regulatory infractions.

monitoring and audit

Our CCOs have expertise to develop monitoring assessments and internal auditing functions to mitigate risks by identifying gaps in policies, procedures, and operational controls across different industries. Each CCO is backed by a team of compliance professionals, contractors, and other subject-matter experts to ensure processes are fine-tuned, operative and current.

compliance training

Our CCOs are dynamic individuals with experience. Riddle Compliance takes an interdisciplinary approach to designing corporate training programs that are interactive, digestible, and informative. We construct compliance workshops to fit our clients’ corporate cultures, operational complexities, risk and compliance concerns, and many other company-specific considerations.

our outsourced CCO services and advisory

  • Monitoring initiatives, regulatory updates, and compliance audits
  • Management of external reviewers and regulators
  • Compliance communications, discussion boards, and trainings
  • Due diligence reviews, compliance testing, and third-party assessments

leading chief compliance officer services

  • Risk-based strategic planning and compliance program development
  • Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance consulting
  • Marketing reviews, mock audits, and risk assessments
  • Maintenance of compliance program in alignment with state and federal regulations

regulatory compliance outsourcing

Companies must meet complex regulatory demands and require expertise to manage these matters on a day-to-day basis. Our clients trust our guidance to support their operational processes to ensure alignment with legal mandates.

compliance program assessment and ongoing development

Riddle Compliance performs a comprehensive compliance program assessment to identify high-level gaps and compliance deficiencies at the outset of an engagement. Once this review is completed, each client receives a strategic compliance plan to ensure ongoing development of practices, policies, risk-mitigation controls, and industry best practices.

effective policies and procedures

Our CCOs develop practical policies and procedures to mitigate trending risks. These documents are crafted with useable regulatory insights and drafted for ease of use, reference, and applicability to employees’ roles within a given organization.

risk-based monitoring and auditing initiatives

Gap analyses are critical in assessing risks and developing robust compliance programs. Riddle Compliance’s risk assessments and mitigation services are designed to provide clients with meaningful insight to promote ongoing development. Findings are reported to executives, compliance and audit committees, and boards of directors on a quarterly or biannual basis. Our outsourced CCO team creates a compliance calendar of risk-based monitoring and audit initiatives as part of each engagement.

compliance training and communication

Riddle Compliance develops dynamic training and communication solutions to support strategic compliance goals. Trainings are deployed as micro communications, onsite live trainings, e-learning solutions, or a combination of multiple mediums to meet our clients’ needs.