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Riddle Compliance
Riddle Compliance

Compliance Investigations

maintain a robust incident management system by harnessing corporate compliance investigations to address critical risks in operations, privacy, and third parties

Riddle Compliance conducts fraud and corruption investigations and other tailored incident assessments when organizations encounter bad acts or malfeasance. These issues can originate from rogue employees, business partners, and other stakeholders, and they can detrimentally impact marketplace position and a company’s reputation. Riddle Compliance has assisted boards of directors, in-house attorneys, compliance officers, legal advisors, and other executives with fact finding and interviewing, policy and procedure interpretation, regulatory compliance advisory, and general guidance following questionable conduct or noncompliant activity.

regulatory compliance guidance and corporate investigations

Investigating suspicious activity is a prudent governance and risk mitigation practice. This is especially true for organizations in highly regulated industries and historically corrupt marketplaces. Our corporate compliance investigations garner in-depth fact finding and analysis by evaluating conduct against regulatory requirements as well as industry best practices and developing trends.

enhancing policies, processes, and controls for internal investigations

Having inefficient or unclear policies and procedures is a recipe for ongoing compliance investigations. Unambiguous policies and procedures are paramount to mitigate reckless and negligent behavior. Employees and stakeholders often misinterpret or fail to identify company standards on particular conduct. We dovetail corporate compliance investigations with thorough reviews of standing policies and procedures before opining on corrective action following an incident or series of bad acts.

investigative compliance interviews

Comprehensive internal workplace and fraud investigations require systematic interviewing of relevant employees, stakeholders, third parties, and control persons allegedly a part of an incident or series of bad acts. Our team facilitating corporate compliance investigations establishes a schedule of interviews with clearly structured questionnaires to uncover critical information.