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Riddle Compliance

A Glance at Riddle Compliance

helping growing companies with compliance risks

Riddle Compliance is a modern consultancy with comprehensive practices in governance, risk mitigation and analysis, business ethics and integrity, and regulatory compliance. As a full-service firm dedicated exclusively to providing compliance advisory to growing organizations, Riddle Compliance has developed dynamic practices to meet our clients’ challenges. With experience across multiple industries, Riddle Compliance understands both the art and science of building effective solutions to withstand regulatory scrutiny. Having the ability to deliver engaging and informative solutions to executives, departmental staff, external stakeholders, and third-parties is commonplace for compliance practitioners. This issue, although challenging, is something that fuels Riddle Compliance. Our goal is to deliver innovative compliance solutions that can effectively inform, comply with applicable regulations, mitigate imminent risks, and govern business processes aggressively without being cumbersome.

Whether facilitating due diligence, conducting a risk assessment, monitoring or auditing business practices, or leading a corporate training initiative, Riddle Compliance provides creative compliance solutions to inspire compliance and improvements in conduct. Each of our clients has a set of unique variables that requires attention. Our ingenuity in delivering informative and innovative solutions stems from an understanding and belief in weaving company-specific goals and corporate culture into the fabric of each compliance deliverable we manage. Riddle Compliance is eager to partner with growing firms, and our primary goal is to support clients’ longterm development. Riddle Compliance’s solutions are dynamic, tailored to each organization, and devised to effectively enhance internal compliance practices.

powerful insights about riddle compliance

  • Experienced professionals with dynamic backgrounds within their given industries and areas of expertise
  • Innovative risk-mitigation strategies to align operations with regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Committed to growing companies dedicated to compliance, risk mitigation and corporate governance
  • 65% of revenue is through repeat clients and over 75% of clients contract on an annual or biannual basis

a message from our president & managing principal

Riddle Compliance’s primary goal is to proffer expert-level compliance, risk and governance solutions to organizations with limited in-house resources. Managing regulatory risks, mitigating corruption and fraud, and establishing ethical operational controls and strategies across business segments are philosophies typically reserved for large organizations. This is problematic. Organizations in highly regulated or historically corrupt industries are vulnerable to federal and state investigations, regulatory fines, and other legal troubles during periods of expansion.

Riddle Compliance’s foundational values have always been grounded in making organizations with increasing revenue aware of nuanced risks, effectively managing compliance programs on behalf of companies, and advising executives on best practices to further enhance the strength of operations within their respective businesses. Companies experiencing growth are generally sales focused; unfortunately, this is rarely coupled with strong policies, controls and monitoring practices to elude transgressions. The marketplace and regulators are both aware of this conundrum.

As an organization grows, it must actively comply with applicable regulations and adopt industry best practices to avoid regulatory issues as well as the perception of wrongdoing or alleged malfeasance. Helping organizations assess compliance, risk and governance landmines is Riddle Compliance’s focus. Riddle Compliance is disruptive in its ability to take complex regulatory landscapes and effectively educate companies on inherent risks by developing practical, innovative, and creative solutions to improve organizations’ business practices.

All of this is done within a reasonable budget and executed over a period of time. Riddle Compliance is here to assist your organization in operating more effectively under applicable standards. Thank you in advance for considering our firm for your critical business ethics, compliance, risk, and governance needs.

With gratitude,

Al-Jabbar Riddle, JD